Medieval Dynasty

Europe in the Middle Ages – Trade between nations has brought prosperity and progress to the land and its people, but also envy, greed and distrust. In this time of feudalism, turn your small piece of land into a home and your village into a flourishing city with an expanding sphere of influence. Create a dynasty with your descendants and preside over your own kingdom for generations. Subdue nature and use the ever-changing environment to create a monument to yourself and your successors for eternity.

Find your place in medieval society – Start as a simple farmer or hunter, gain experience, and learn and hone your skills so you become an important part of the village community. Design, build and improve your own house, from a simple hut to an extensive farm. Convince the people to settle near you and work for you. Find your true love and create a family. This is the only way to ensure your dynasty continues.

An expansive open world awaits you. Face hot summer months and harsh winters, react to unpredictable events and make sure that you, your family and the population that entrusts you with their survival lack nothing.

Medieval Dynasty will captivate you with its unique mix!

Defy the seasons – Make sure you and your population never go hungry. Resist the elements. Hunt wild animals, plant crops and trade resources to be ready for anything.

Everything is in your hands – Without the right tools, you won't get far, whether you're hunting, chopping trees, harvesting or building homes, stables and more. But watch out for wear and tear because you don't want your pickaxe to become unusable in the middle of nowhere.

Role-Playing Game
Live and learn – Develop your character by specialising or becoming a true jack-of-all-trades as you interact with NPCs. Care for your family, explore the lush world and complete tasks for others.

Start a village – You are a town planner, councillor and mayor all in one! Coordinate the layout, manage the residents, gather resources, produce goods, and trade to help the community grow and prosper.

Feature Overview

Open world
Immerse yourself in a beautiful open world with an idyllic day/night cycle, seasons and realistic weather.

Interactive environment
You will be captivated by the expansive landscape that dynamically changes with your actions. Cut down trees, collect resources and explore mysterious caves: you will find something new to discover everywhere.

You are the architect
There are 25+ different types of buildings with different levels waiting to be built, expanded and decorated by you, from sheds and simple huts to high-end stone houses that resist the ravages of time.

Craftsman wanted
Craft and produce over 250 pieces of equipment, including weapons, tools, furniture and clothing.

You are not alone
Watch the villagers go about their daily routines and experience realistic interactions with the abundant wildlife, such as wolves, wild boar, deer and rabbits.

Take care of yourself
All activities have a direct impact on food, water, health and stamina. It won't help anyone if you die from exhaustion.

As you like it
You decide what is important to you. With the extensive skill tree, everything is in your hands. Hunter? Craftsman? Farmer? A little bit of everything? Enjoy the freedom!

Every game is different
Unique events, decisions and consequences with a direct impact on gameplay await.

Death is only the beginning
Your descendants have the chance to take over your legacy and continue your vision. Let the dynasty reputation system with its royal events challenge and surprise you over and over.